A rural parish in North Devon, England including Brayford village, High Bray and Charles, and a part of Exmoor National Park


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  • The aims of this web site are:

  • To provide a general source of information about the parish, its history, geography, amenities, clubs, societies and groups.

  • To provide regularly updated information about forthcoming events, club and society activities, and other local news.  Last minute changes can usually be posted at short notice.

  • To enable former Brayford residents to keep in touch with local events, whether they have moved to South Molton or New Zealand.

  • The site is supported by, but is independent of, Brayford Parish Council, is non-profit making, and is developed and maintained on a voluntary basis. Every effort is made to ensure that information presented is accurate, but no responsibility is accepted, either by the administrator or the Parish Council, for the consequences of any errors that may be inadvertently introduced.  

  • Copyright in the site design is held by the site administrator.

  • Copyright in contributions must be held by and remains with the contributor.

  • Unless already in the public domain, personal contact details will only be shown with the approval of the person or group concerned.  Brayford Parish Council is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

  • Contributions may be provided electronically in plain text or most common word processing formats (e.g. Word, Works, Wordperfect). Photos can be accepted as JPEG, GIF, TIFF or Bitmap files.  High resolution digital photos will normally be re-sized and compressed.  Files may be sent by e-mail, or supplied on floppy disk, CD, DVD, USB flash drive or memory card (SmartMedia, Compact Flash I & II, Microdrive, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Secure Digital, MultiMedia).  Media will be returned promptly.  Alternatively, physical photos can be loaned for scanning and short written articles can be typed in.  Please contact by e-mail initially to make suitable arrangements.

  • Contributions will be credited if the contributor wishes, or may remain anonymous.

  • The site is complementary to the printed newsletter, contributions for which should be sent to the newsletter editor.

Home Diary Geography History Clubs & Societies Who's Who Gallery About this site Links Archive

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