A rural parish in North Devon, England including Brayford village, High Bray and Charles, and a part of Exmoor National Park


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 From the April 2003 Newsletter:

Parish Council News

Parish Website

The initial launch of the Brayford website is now planned for early April. Contributions and suggestions will be welcomed by the site co-ordinator David Swash. If anyone has any photographs of how Brayford Charles and surrounding areas used to look, David would appreciate the opportunity to build a website picture of Brayford, past, present and looking to the future.
Repairs and Maintenance

If you have any concerns regarding the upkeep of the village and in particular drains, gutters and potholes in roads, contact Councillor Norman Barrow. Norman is in regular contact with staff of the County Council regarding the work of the highway lengths men.
Have you noticed?

What have Welcombe Cross Road, Charles, Bray Cross, Grasspark, Mill Lane and Cross Gate (Lydcott) got in common? New Trees!  The PC have been busy planting Crab Apple, Silver Birch, Hawthorn, Romanos Rose and Common Ash in all these areas which in time will enhance the views and surrounding environment. The PC would like to express their thanks to Councillor Barry Lowe for his efforts in organising planting on behalf of everyone in the Parish.
Union Jack

If anyone in the village has a Union Jack flag that the PC could use to hoist up the millennium area flag pole, could they please contact any Parish Councillor.
Council Tax

Love it or loath it, everyone has to pay it and the increase in the council tax this year shows that living in a parish like Brayford has become expensive. Whether it be an increase at District or County Council level, the increased tax is hitting local people very hard.  The changes in property bandings are implemented next year. Have your say now to prevent future increases becoming unbearable.
The Pound

As part of the PC commitment to restore key landmarks in the parish, they are asking anyone who may have any stones or blocks that could be used to rebuild the Pound walls at High Bray to contact Councillor Jane Jeyes. Your help would be appreciated.
Retirement of District Councillor Herbert Geen

You may have read in the North Devon Journal the debate about potential candidates at the next District Council elections on behalf of the BNP and the Liberal Democrats. Unfortunately this has overshadowed the fact that after 25 years loyal service to the North Molton Ward (which includes Brayford), Herbert Geen is stepping down from his role as Independent District Councillor.
Those who know him and have worked with him on Council business during that time, will know how dedicated and committed he has been towards achieving a better place for everyone to live on all aspects of rural life. Most recently he has campaigned and supported the PC in gaining commitment from the District Council and Highways Authority to upgrade Shop Hill Junction.
On behalf of all who worked with him, past and present, the PC would like to express their sincere thanks to Herbert for all he has done for the parish and wish him well in the future and hope that he enjoys his retirement from public life.
Parish Council Elections

If you would like to seek nomination to become a Parish Councillor for Brayford, nomination papers can be obtained from the Civic Centre, Room 308 between 9am and 4pm, and completed papers must be returned by midday on Tuesday 1st April 2003.
Annual Parish Meeting

The Parish Council would like to extend an invitation to everyone in the parish to attend the Annual Parish Meeting for 2002/3, which will be held in the village hall at 7.30pm on the 17th April. This is an ideal opportunity for you to go along and discuss any parish issues that are of concern to you. You may want to ask about items you have seen in the newsletter or on notice-boards or those you wish the PC to consider over the coming year.
Remember that the Parish Council consists of local people working together to make Brayford a special place in which to live. Please support them by taking this opportunity to raise the things that are important to you, or just go along and listen to what other people have to say.
Neighbourhood Watch

A couple of months ago a large quantity of logs were stolen from a field shed on the outskirts of Brayford. Although the owner told near neighbours, neither the police nor the neighbourhood watch co-ordinators were informed. The message again is not to be complacent, be vigilant and make sure you report all crimes.

Gardening Club
The next meeting of the Gardening Club will take place on Tuesday 15th April when Ken Bishop will be talking on pelargoniums at the village hall. On the 21st May there will a visit to David Hopkins nursery.
A reminder that the club meets normally on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the village hall and will include outings and speakers. More and more people are enjoying the pleasures of gardening so why not increase your knowledge on the subject by joining the club this year.

Mother’s Union
On Tuesday 15th April at 2.30pm at S. Lydcott, Kathleen Thimbly will be talking about ‘psalm, prayer and praise’. Would members please send their favourite psalms to Ruth before the meeting and would they please bring a bible. There will be an opportunity to meet Chloe Brice, the Diocesan President of Exeter at 10am on the 6th May. The venue is the Duke Street Church Hall, South Molton.

Women’s Institute
In February Steve Eddy from Exmoor Zoo provided an entertaining evening of his adventures whilst working with animals and the preservation of species. In March David Ryall gave a fascinating talk on exploring family archives at which he helped members with their own research.
At the meeting on 9th April they are looking forward to welcoming local Homeopath Paul Nelson. A reminder that their meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7.15pm.

Methodist Church
John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, was born three hundred years ago. Wesley actually preached on the bridge at North Molton after staying the night at Mill House. The anniversary will be celebrated internationally and Brayford Methodists have planned a celebratory weekend for the 14th and 15th June.
Saturday 14th June will be a Strawberry Cream Tea in the afternoon and on Sunday the 15th the 11am service will be taken by Rev. John Carne, Chairman of the Plymouth and Exeter District (their 

Bishop). This will be a circuit service and they hope their Anglican friends will join them. The service will be followed by a ‘bring and share’ lunch. Throughout the weekend there will be a Festival of Flowers. Everyone is invited to join in their festivities.
Village Hall
The Village Hall Committee wish to thank Jane on the super job of replanting the village hall flower tubs.

High Bray Church
Members of High Bray Church welcome you to their Easter services. The church roof is in need of serious repairs and members of the church are looking for ideas to raise funds. Do you have any thoughts, can you help in any way? If so contact Ruby.
Charles Church
Does anyone have any gas mantles that would fit the lamps in Charles Church? They also have an unwanted space heater, free to a good home. Contact Anna Whinney regarding both these items.

Bray Valley Quarries
Congratulations to Hanson Aggregates who have recently been awarded an honour by the British Trust for Ornithology for providing one of the best industrial and commercial sites for birds in the Bray Valley.

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