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From the August 2003 Newsletter:

Roman Fun Day, Brayford

Saturday, 19th July 2003 (National Archaeology Day)

The local press has included features on the Roman Fun Day so, to present a different angle on the day and because of the school involvement, here are two impressions of the event from people associated with the school.

A previous Headmistress, who attended the event, kindly provided the following account:

"Pax Vobiscum" 
(Peace be with you)
It seemed the peace of Brayford was to be shattered when on 19th July 2003, a Roman Army came marching through the village. Natives lined the route and when the army arrived at the magnificent gate of the fort all was well. Romans and Celts, face to face. All was then revealed. Not only "Pax" but total integration. The crowds of Celts, Romans and visitors from other regions were enthralled by the displays and activities in a convivial atmosphere.

Smelting for iron Ė probably not seen in Brayford since 400A.D. at latest, could be seen in action, producing the first iron for 2000 years in this district.
Potters, Spinners, Weavers, and other craftsmen exhibited their wares and techniques.

The special banquet prepared for the Roman soldiers and the samples of relevant dishes on show - boarís head, oysters, mussels, duck, venison, pies, breads, fruits and many more delicious goodies, making a representative Roman Feast was a culinary epic. Hail to the Chef! A loyal band of helpers also provided suitable refreshments to sustain Romans and Celts alike.

Brayford School, actively part of the project, entertained with an interesting relevant performance. The School has been carrying out research throughout the term and a "Romans in North Devon" Schoolís Resource, prepared with the Museum of Barnstaple and Department for Education and Skills will be made available to other North Devon Schools.

This day was the outcome of work and excavations being carried out in the area since 1997. Exhibits from the Museum and Roman artefacts discovered in Brayford were on display - many discovered by members of Brayford History Society. The day closed with a capacity audience enjoying a presentation by Dr. Gill Juleff on the excavations at Sherracombe and Brayford.

This was truly a memorable day for Brayford. The united effort made in the organisation by so many in a great team, and with inspired leadership will always be remembered by young and old alike.

May we anticipate further Village Spectaculars in the future? Deo Volente! (God be with you)"
Matthew, a soldier in the school play, said:
"I thought the fort was amazing, the excavating was really interesting, the soldiers were brilliant and I had a really great day!".
Thanks to them both.  There are also reports in the N.D. Journal and Gazette & Advertiser.
Pictures from the Romans Day

Parish Council News

Bridge Area
It is good to see people using the new Bridge area and utilising the new outdoor furniture. If everyone respects the area it will serve the community well for years to come. The P.C. would ask that anyone using the area during the evening be respectful to neighbours regarding noise.
Recycling Pavilion
The people of Brayford are making such good use of the Recycling Pavilion that South Molton Recycle have arranged to empty it once a week instead of every ten days.
Unfortunately there are some items deposited there that cannot be collected. Examples of such items are a large plastic toy, a printer, keyboard, electrical equipment, crockery, cardboard, shoes and a sail board. The P.C. have taken most of the items to South Molton Civic Amenity compound but the sail board wouldnít go in the car. Surprisingly, they cannot recycle plastic bags so please take these home.
The reasons why some items cannot be recycled are complex but to give an example, any window glass deposited in a 30 ton load of clear bottle glass will cause the entire load to be rejected. The District Council will provide a list of all items that can be recycled in an effort to reduce the amount of rubbish taken to landfill sites. It will be posted on the hut.
Remember that the District Council will make two collections annually for bulky domestic products that are not suitable for normal weekly collection.
Also Civic Amenity sites at South Molton and Barnstaple are now open for longer periods.
Shop Hill and Brayford Hill
Despite reassurances from the District and County Councils that Shop Hill and Brayford Hill road improvements would be actioned, it appears that the projects have put on hold due to lack of funds. Be assured the P.C. will continue to press for these danger spots to be remedied.
Road Safety
In order to reduce speeds and ensure the safety of people using Brayfordís roads, the P.C. are considering seeking the introduction of the following measures in the village:
  Rumble strips
  Slow signs
  Flashing speed lights
They would welcome comments on these or any other safety measures you think would be helpful and at what places in the village they could be used to best effect. Please contact any Parish Councillor with your opinions.
Next Parish Council Meeting  Agenda
Would everyone please note that the next monthly P.C. Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on the 14th August and not the 21st as planned.  Remember, if you have a view, opinion, idea or comment on anything that impacts on the parish, the P.C. want to know about it. Read the minutes of each meeting posted on the notice boards and if you agree or disagree with anything you see, donít be afraid to mention it. Either attend the public participation part at the beginning of each P.C. Meeting (see diary for dates) or if you canít get to the meeting, tell your local Parish Councillor.

A Rocking Quiz Night
Prepare to be rocked with "attitude" at the School Governors production in association with ĎDa Managementí.
The event, on Friday 29th August at 7.30pm for 8pm in the Village Hall, will be a quiz night (teams of up to 6 people aged 8+) and will feature one of North Devonís leading rock bands who will play "some tunes old, some new, some borrowed and some rhythm and blues".
Tickets are £5 for adults and £2.50 for children under 16 (inc. refreshments). Watch out for posters around the village. A bar and raffle will be available.  All proceeds to the Brayford School refurbishment fund.

At their A.G.M. at the end of May the Boomerangs welcomed some new members onto the Committee.  They would like to thank Dawn and Sarah for stepping in, as Play Leader and Assistant respectively, in the run up to the end of term. They have both worked extremely hard for the group and have provided continuity for the children in the safe and happy environment on which the Boomerangs prides itself. They ended the term with a party on the last day which was great fun and the Boomerangs regulars were joined by the smaller ones, some of whom will be joining them in September.  Sadly, they waved 'farewell' to Barney, Maddie, Patrick, Jessie, Edward and also Alex (who could not be there).  These children will be missed and they wish them all well at school.
The Autumn Term commences on Tuesday 2nd September and they are very pleased to announce that Christine will be their new Play Leader.  Dawn will be working with her as Assistant and no doubt they will make a great team.
Children are now coming to the Boomerangs from South Molton and Goodleigh as well as the immediate locality. This is mostly due to word of mouth although they are actively promoting the Group in order to keep the all important numbers up. With their highly competent staff and an enthusiastic Committee they are now building upon the foundations which they have laid.
Don't forget, they open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for three and a half hours.

High Bray Church

"Leadwalk" on Saturday 13th
is a sponsored walk from
High Bray Church to Challacombe,
meeting at High Bray at 10.15am. Tea
will be provided at Fullacott but please
bring a packed lunch. Sponsor forms
can be obtained from members of the
Church. Note that you donít have to
complete all of the walk.
For your information the two hundred
year old lead on the church roof is
leaking like a sieve and will cost
£10,000 to replace.

Methodist Church

The weekend celebrating three hundred years since the birth of John Wesley was a huge success. The Flower Festival was much admired and was a great example of churches working together. Members of the Church wish to thank everyone who contributed in any way.
Pictures from the Flower Festival
The Harvest Thanksgiving this year will be held on Sunday 5th October at 11am with preacher Mr. Evert Vink (Dutch visitor for many years to this area) and at 6.30pm with the new minister.

Garden Club

Sunday 3rd August is the National Garden Scheme open day and Brayford Garden Club members are invited to visit Dr. Gavin Haigís Garden which will be open between 3.00pm and 5.30pm. Teas will be available and donations will be gratefully received. Members please make your own transport arrangements.

Flower Show
The annual Flower Show was held on Saturday 16th August in the Village Hall. 
Pictures from the Show
Entry Details

The Garden Club A.G.M. will be held on 17th September in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. They welcome both existing and new members

Mother's Union
Members of the Motherís Union wish to thank Joan Greenwood for again providing a lovely summer lunch.
The M.U. Council meeting planned for September in Bideford in the Methodist Church Hall has now been changed to the 9th October.
The meeting on Wed. 16th September will be holy communion in Charles Church at 2.30pm. There is no meeting in August

Neighbourhood Watch
The only way the Neighbourhood Watch process can cover the Parish adequately and warn people of impending problems is to get people to join the Community Messaging system. Many more people are needed to join this initiative. It involves no extra work for individuals but will keep you in touch with what is happening crime-wise around.
For the second time, a large quantity of beech firewood in 8 foot lengths has been stolen from a field near Five Cross Way, Brayford. This happened in early July so if you have seen anyone loading timber in this area or have any information regarding it, please contact your N.W. Co-ordinator. you.  Let any Co-ordinator or Parish Councillor know if you are willing to help. They really need you!

Women's Institute
At the June meeting, beautiful hanging baskets were prepared under the direction of Mrs. Thorne from M. & M. Nurseries. In July they received an informative and interesting talk on Practical Home First Aid from the St. John Ambulance
At the meeting on 10th September, members will be able to ask any legal questions of a solicitor from Exeter.


Football Club 
The formal closure of the Brayford Football Club left a small amount of money in the bank. This has been divided equally between Brayford School and the North Devon Hospice.

Special thanks to the Newsletter Editor for providing extracts from the Newsletter.

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