A rural parish in North Devon, England including Brayford village, High Bray and Charles, and a part of Exmoor National Park


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  From the October/November 2020 Newsletter:            (October November Newsletter pdf)


The Parish Council continues to meet monthly while conforming to all the COVID-19 restrictions. Parishioners are reminded to look on notice boards and the Parish website and on Face Book for copies of the monthly agenda and minutes of meetings. Advice and/or questions to the Parish Council should be telephoned/emailed to the Parish Clerk Mr J Poole on 710236 or

Children's Playground Repairs
A ROSPA safety check identified a number of areas within the Playground that could be improved with some minor repairs. Unfortunately the work has been delayed through the unavailability of building material. Hopefully this will be resolved in the very near future. In the meantime parents are advised not to let their children use the Playground in the interest of safety. Unfortunately some parents are ignoring the site closed notice on the gate and as a result could be putting their children at risk.

Bi-monthly Newsletter
Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have been unable to distribute the newsletter. Although a copy is placed on the Parish website the Parish Council believes that hard copies should also be made available. The possibility of resurrection of the delivery service to home addresses is being explored as are a number of other ideas to improve this valuable means of village communication.

Adoption of Brayford Village Telephone Box
Permission has been granted for the village to adopt the telephone box in the centre of the village and to use it as a village asset. The Parish Council will set up, under the chairmanship of Cllr Padgham, a small project group to consider ideas for how it can be used in the best interests of the village.

Parish Councillor Vacancy
Councillor Mike Naden has, after many years of valuable service to the council and the parish, tendered his resignation. The council in wishing Mike well for the future would like to express its thanks to him for all his support and commitment during his time as councillor. Anyone wishing to be considered for the vacant post of councillor should, in the first instance, contact the Parish Clerk Joe Poole on 710236 or by email

The management have now completed a COVID-19 assessment of the hall making it COVID-19 secure in line with government safety guidelines. Initially, the re-opening of the hall will be a stage by stage process giving priority to the village school. Any external hiring requests will only be accepted if all the necessary guidelines can be met during the hall hire. Whilst the current government restrictions apply it is doubtful whether other village organisations will be able to hold any meetings, although these will be kept under constant review.

We are planning ahead once again for the Remembrance Day collection of items for the destitute and needy in Britain and Eastern Europe If you have any blankets, warm clothing, sleeping bags, tents, duvets, medicines (that are still in date), sweets, chocolates, nappies, food stuffs, etc. - anything that you feel those in need during winter might use, we would be most grateful for them. We then pass them on to a volunteer charity who drives the goods to where they are needed most and dispenses them through local churches in the area. In addition, the charity is seeking used mobile phones and any loose Euros, foreign currency, or cash donations to assist in paying for the costs of delivery of the items we collect. Any donation will be gratefully received. We will also be gathering Christmas Shoe Boxes for the elderly and for children in the UK and overseas of items such as toiletries, flannels, socks, warm gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs, soap, toothpaste, brushes, combs, paper, small toys, perfume, etc. We will need to have the boxes labelled for a specific age group and for male and female recipients. Please leave the boxes open so that they can be examined for safety. If you don't have any boxes, we would be grateful for items on their own, which we can use to fill empty boxes we already have. Please feel free to get in touch with Jonathan and Madeleine Brownell on 710389 who will be gathering items for the High Bray Church and Charles Church collections. The charity, a church based project, Computers for Charities, will then collect them from us on Remembrance Day, 11 November. We greatly appreciate your help.

We hope everyone is coping with life in these strange times. We are fortunately living in a low risk area and even with the necessary visitors from all parts of the country we are managing to keep the Covid figures very low. We are making careful preparations for our first service on Sunday 11 October As this is a United Service we will start at 11.15 am. It will not be possible to have a normal Harvest Service but David Worden will lead our special fellowship time together. Our next service will be on Sunday 15 November at 11 am. David Peyton will be our Preacher. Unfortunately we have been unable to plan our November Annual Concert for our Gift Evening.

The restrictions are encouraging us to embrace new technology with many members using Zoom and What's App to keep in contact with each other and,at the present time, we are still able to meet in groups of six. This we have been doing and meeting outside or at the Honey Farm, St. John's Garden Centre, Fremington Quay – all places where there is plenty of space to sit around a table with a cup of tea and catch up on local, international and family news. W.I. Life drops through the letterbox monthly and this is full of upbeat news and ideas. When weather permits we plan to continue with our walks but not sure about skittles. We send our warm wishes to everyone in the parish. Please let members know if anyone is in need of company/a good chat, shopping or help in any way.

As you might have noticed from the “vacancy notice” elsewhere on the website, I have decided it is time to step down from editing the Newsletter. I am sure it will benefit from some fresh ideas and look forward to seeing a new, revamped edition. Many thanks to all the contributors and advertisers for all their input over the last fifteen years, also to Ruby and her team of distributors.

 Thanks to the Newsletter Editor for providing Newsletter information.

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